Sashivin Construction we help install roofs using various materials such as metal, bitumen, and shingles. We are provide repair services such as fixing leakage, cracks or broken tiles/shingles. We provide maintenance services such as inspecting damages on roof, ventilation, cleaning gutters etc.

The Various Kinds of Roof Construction

This is a major components:

Roof construction involves several essential elements that work together to create a sturdy and protective covering for your building. Here are the primary components:

1. Roof Rafters:

Roof rafters, typically constructed from wood, form the framework that supports the roof deck and the outer roofing materials.

They provide the structural integrity needed to bear the weight of the entire roof.

2. Sheathing:

The sheathing is the foundational layer of the roof structure, usually crafted from particleboard or plywood.

It creates a solid and level surface that supports the upper layers of the roof.

Sheathing plays a crucial role in securely fastening roofing materials and ensures their stability.

3. Underlayment:

Covering the sheathing is the underlayment, a standard component in modern roof construction and often required by building codes.

Typically made of heavy felt or similar materials, the underlayment provides an additional barrier against moisture and adds to the roof’s durability.

It acts as a protective layer between the sheathing and the outer roofing materials.

4. Roofing Materials:

The final layer of a roof consists of roofing materials, which can vary depending on the desired aesthetics and climate.

Common roofing materials include asphalt shingles, clay tiles (common in Venice), stone, slate, and wood.

It’s essential to adhere to building codes and perform regular maintenance to ensure the roofing material’s durability and compliance.

These key elements work in harmony to create a functional and resilient roof structure for your building. Proper construction and maintenance of each component are crucial to the long-term performance and protection of your roof.

visible roof damage

Bubbles in the roof membrane,

Noticeable pooling and standing water,

A compromised or damaged roof flashing,

Punctures, cracks, and tears from extreme weather.