1.What services does Sashivin Construction offer?

Sashivin constructions offers a Building Construction, Building Renovation, Slum Clearance, Roof Repair, Road Contract are offering.

2.How long has Sashivin Construction been in the construction industry?Is licensed and insured?

Sashivin construction 10 Long years in the industry. yes, we are Licensed industry.

3.Can you handle both residential and commercial construction projects?

Yes, Our sashivin construction are handled both commercial and residential construction project in Coimbatore.

4.Do you provide renovation and remodeling services?

Yes, we have provide the Building Renovation and Remodeling services. Already we done a lot of building renovation projects.

5.Can you provide references or examples of past construction projects?

Yes sure. In our website we give what kind of projects we did. (https://sashivinconstruction.com/index.php/about/)

6.What can cause delays in a construction project, and how do you handle them?

yes some times its happen. so that time we work hard and smart and finish to handle the work within a month.

7.What safety measures and protocols does Sashivin construction have in place?

Yes, we have all protocols and safety measures. we check each and every day in our work place. after that we start the work. safety is main.

8.What is the client’s role during construction, and how can they stay informed?

Client’s role is during construction monitoring each and every day work and any changes tell to contractor and site visit. this is client’s role.