At Sashivin Construction we specialize in bringing your vision to life. Whether it’s constructing offices, individual villas, shopping malls, or apartments, we are dedicated to delivering excellence through the use of top-quality materials and a commitment to your unique needs.

Building Constructions

Crafting Your Dream Home: A Step-by-Step Journey

Building your home is a momentous decision—one that reflects

    1. Project Inception: Define Your Vision

    • Budget Planning: Establish Financial Parameters

    • Site Selection and Acquisition: Choose the Ideal Location

    • Feasibility Study: Assess Viability

    • Design and Planning: Create a Blueprint

    • Permitting and Approvals: Navigate Regulatory Requirements

    • Procurement: Source Materials and Resources

    • Construction Commencement: Breaking Ground

    • Construction Progress: Building Milestones

    • Interior and Exterior Finishes: Adding the Final Touches 

    • Quality Assurance and Inspections: Ensuring Excellence

    • Final Walk through and Client Approval: Your Dream Realized

    • Handover and Documentation: Closing the Project

    • Post-Construction Services: Ongoing Support

    • Celebrating Success: Project Completion

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